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JET Alumni Association UK - North West Chapter


Welcome to the Japan Exchange Teaching Programme (JET) Alumni Association! Our mission is to not only support and connect former participants of the JET Programme, fostering a vibrant and engaged community that continues to promote cultural exchange and understanding between Japan and their home countries but also strengthen Anglo-Japanese relations on a personal level.

We warmly welcome all former JET participants to join our thriving community and stay connected with fellow alumni, as well as current and prospective JETs. Together, let's continue to celebrate our unique experiences in Japan and support the ongoing mission of the JET Programme.

- JET Alumni Association UK -

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The JET Programme is a prestigious initiative launched by the Japanese government in 1987, designed to enhance foreign language education and promote international exchange at the grassroots level. Through this program, talented individuals from around the world are invited to work as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs), Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs), and Sports Exchange Advisors (SEAs) in schools, local government offices, and other institutions across Japan. The JET Programme provides participants with a unique opportunity to experience Japan's rich culture, forge lifelong friendships, and contribute to global understanding.


As the official alumni association for the JET Programme, our primary goal is to maintain and strengthen the connections formed during participants' time in Japan. We achieve this by organizing various events, networking opportunities, and professional development resources for our members. In addition, we actively support the next generation of JET participants by offering mentorship, guidance, and sharing valuable experiences gained during our time in Japan.

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Alumni Association

Our association also plays a crucial role in fostering positive relations between Japan and our members' home countries, engaging in cultural outreach activities and promoting a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and language. By staying involved and sharing our experiences, we continue to contribute to the spirit of international exchange and cooperation that defines the JET Programme.

We have other chapters throughout the Uk and the world!

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